Feel it ...

... learn to sail

We would like to say thanks to many of you who sailed with us,
sent photos afterwards and helped to complete this gallery

A peaceful sea and sleepy sailboats, each in its own jetty.

Fitting the sail. Everyone participates in the preparation of the boat.

A little seaman in action.

The sea awaits in silence for the rain that will overshadow the sailboats.

Admiring the sunset – silence and relaxation

A wonderful setting can be viewed from this point

Another bay. Let's go for a swim! The Kornati

Mmmm! Freshly caught seafood is delicious!

Feel the excitement!

The regatta – the spirit of competition with sails full of wind.

… children love sailing as well!

Buying provisions and strolling around Veli Lošinj

The Maestral is lightly playing with the sails

The history of Dalmatian towns is fascinating

Marko and Eva

If you see a storm coming up, ask for shelter in the nearest harbour

Dubrovnik – a city-monument

Sailing in spring and autumn gives particular satisfaction

Peace for the soul

Let's go for a swim, girls!

A delicious lunch – directly from the sea

Cliffs emerging straight from the sea

Find your very own bay

Let's crush the waves!

The faithful followers of the sailors

Fun for the whole family – wind, sun and sea

I have my own boat!

The day ends with the siesta

Watch out, urchins, here I come!

Looks delicious!

A rest after lunch, and then a quick splash in the water

A scene of the island costal life

Time to relax

Soothing the body and the soul

A dreamy landscape

The sky belongs to the seagull

Chicks, where are you?

Sea dogs

Is there a greater pleasure?

The fig and the rock

... every day a new harbour – Veli Lošinj

Cliffs of nature park Telašćica

Sailing in the shadow of the cliffs is a unique experience

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