Deposit waiver


If the client would like to reduce the risk of losing the safety deposit in case of boat damages, we can offer a deposit waiver alternative. The details are described in the table:

Boat Model Original Safety Deposit (refundable) Deposit Waiver Fee (non-refundable) New Smaller Safety Deposit (refundable)
3-cabin yachts 1,500 EUR 250 EUR 250 EUR
4-cabin yachts 1,500 EUR 300 EUR 300 EUR
5-cabin yachts 2,500 EUR 400 EUR 400 EUR
Lagoon 40 3,000 EUR 500 EUR 500 EUR
Lagoon 42 3,000 EUR 500 EUR 500 EUR
Lagoon 450 3,500 EUR 500 EUR 500 EUR
Lagoon 450F 3,000 EUR 500 EUR 500 EUR

How to arrange a deposit waiver? It is simple, just contact your SailingEurope Charter representative before your trip and they will help you make all the necessary arrangements.

Note: The deposit waiver should be obtained in advance - prior to your trip and not in the base.