Why sailing?

... because it is an adventure in a beautiful nature


Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Italy, Greece and Spain. Visiting a town in a group or being alone on a beach. Every day in another place, or every other day, as you wish. One afternoon spent in beautiful coastal national parks, another in one of the unspoilt medieval towns in the Adriatic. The choice is yours.

What is it all about?

You can tailor your sailing holiday according to your needs and wishes. If you want to party, you can watch the sunset from a seafood restaurant and then attend a beach party or dance till sunrise in a nightclub. If you prefer peace and quiet, you can visit a small fishing village or one of the many secluded coves.

If you want to take a break from the real life and rest, you can simply relax and admire the waves and the sea, leaving the experienced skipper to take care about everything. However, if you want to have an active sailing vacation, you can approach to sailing as a sport and get the knack of hoisting a sail.

Couples sailing can be very romantic. You can go swimming at any moment and in every place. Also, you may be lucky enough to swim with dolphins that frequently follow sailing boats. Furthermore, what can be more romantic than an evening on the deck of a boat under a starlit sky, surrounded by luminescent plankton?

Why is sailing our passion?

  • Diversity and spontaneity. Traveling every day to a different place, with a new splendor behind every cape.
  • The incredible sense of freedom while admiring the natural beauty of the Mediterranean.
  • Feeling the heat of the sun and the wind blowing on your skin while lying on the deck.
  • Learning new skills. You can learn to tie “Gordian” knots, tighten the sails, steer, adapt to wind and set up buoys.
  • Peaceful atmosphere, free from any noise of motors (only the calming sounds of the sea and wind).