Typical Sailing Day

Discover the advantages of sailing, alone or in company. One moment in isolation, the next in civilization. All according to your wishes. It is a vacation you will thoroughly enjoy in the endless expanse of the sea.


Peace. Sailing adapts to your mood. The sails are powered by wind, so there is no whirring of the motor. You will find your inner peace thanks to the calming effects of water sounds. If you like quiet, you can choose quiet bays or small hamlets where you can settle in. If you prefer lively entertainment, you can choose larger places to anchor at.

Spontaneity. Thanks to weather conditions, sailing is led by spontaneity, if you are not so determined on reaching a certain place at a certain time. The wind determines the best course to reach an island. If a storm is about to break, it is better to linger at the bay a little longer. If there is no wind whatsoever, you don't need to sail the whole way planned. It all depends on your wishes.

Variety. In only three days of your week sailing holiday you can become familiar with the Croatian coast, because sailing gives you opportunity to visit many places, islands and cities which you might otherwise never have a chance to visit your whole life.

The end of seasickness. Give yourself a chance to overcome the seasickness. If you force your body into a state of rocking for a few days or weeks, it will adapt to the new conditions and you will be able to fully enjoy your sailing vacation by eating as much as you want while you're looking at the natural beauty or search for dolphins in the sea.

Learn new skills. You can learn to tie “Gordian” knots, tighten the sails, steer, adapt to wind and set up buoys. Sailing is a chance to learn something new and to gain a new skill you'll be proud of.

Food. You can cook and eat in the sailboat. If you want to escape from the wasps which sting you on land, it is easier to eat while the boat is moving.

Enjoying natural beauty and a clean sea. Islands can be seen from every side of the sailboat. With a sailboat you can approach places which are almost impossible to reach with a ferry or a passenger boat. You can approach directly or you can anchor and take a dinghy, as well as swim to the islands. Whether you are anchored at an empty bay, at a marina or while sailing, you can take a swim in the blue Adriatic.

More relaxed way of sailing is chartering a gulet. Find out what a typical day on a sailing gulet looks like and if you like it charter a gulet in Zadar and explore the beutiful Croatian islands. Or if you enjoy the sense of adventure a power boat can offer learn how to charter a Ferretti motor yacht or how to charter a Bavaria motor or sailing yacht.