Sailing School

"The basics of sailing" course is designed for anyone who've always, whether because of other people's tales, or simply by watching "the lucky ones", felt that the wind, the sails and the sea can provide unique satisfaction, a satisfaction that cannot be described by words, but needs to be experienced in person.

Why learn to sail in Croatia?

Utterly beautiful and diverse, Croatia is one of the most visited sailing destinations in the world. Thanks to its developed nautical tourism, the skippers in Croatia are incredibly experienced. They have been through every possible situation and will sure be able to teach you to sail better than anyone. Moreover, Croatia is a land of a thousand islands, and even more bays, coves, canals and rocks. This will give you plenty of opportunity to practice various manoeuvring techniques. Meteorological conditions in the Adriatic are very specific. Weather can change quickly and unexpectedly, so sailing Croatia requires a high level of skill. Become a sailor in Croatia and you will be able to navigate the entire world!

Beginners' course

Interested in sailing, but have never dared to sail by yourself? Use this chance and finally become a sailor!

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Refreshment program

This program is intended for owners of valid licenses that do not have enough experience.

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Catamaran course

Join our Catamaran Course, and our professional skippers will teach you how to sail catamarans on your own.

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