Basic costs


Price of a vessel rent depends on the vessel type, year of built and period of sailing (the same vessel has different prices in different periods), and it refers to the weekly rent based on a Saturday to Saturday charter.

The vessel price includes the following:

  • Safety equipment (please inform us if there will be children on board, so that we can provide life vests suited for their age and growth)
  • Dinghy and paddles
  • Nautical maps and pilot books
  • Bed linen (charter agencies in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro)
  • Cooking utensils
  • Other necessary equipment for a safe and pleasant sailing required by law

By all means take your own towels - both beach towels and those for personal hygiene.

SailingEurope Charter provides you with the following:

  • 4 brochures with guidelines (we send them via e-mail after the booking is confirmed):
    • Checklist of items you should consider bringing with you on your sailing trip
    • Local gastronomy guide
    • Local tourist guide
    • Pricelist of all the marinas in Croatia
  • Contact Center for support and organization (please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance or help during your sailing holiday)

In order to make an offer for you, we would appreciate if you could state your desired sailing period in your request (the exact dates when you would like to sail), as well as the number of people in your crew or the size of the vessel. You should also let us know whether you have a skipper in your crew or you need one (in which case we can provide one for you). Bear in mind that every vessel is registered to a certain number of people and that the law does not allow this number to be exceeded.

If you already know your preferred departure point (e.g. the Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Istria etc.), please mention it in your request.

NOTE: During the high-season (from May till September) we cannot deviate from our weekly charter system (Saturday – Saturday system), because these are the busiest months for the charter companies and most weeks are sold out well in advance. The price is unlikely to be flexible and you would usually be charged for a full week. However, if you wish to take a several-day-long sailing cruise, it can be organized in the off-season (October – April).

For the most precise information about the prices of each vessel in our offer, we kindly recommend you to check our detailed On-line Database or contact us via phone (Contact Center numbers), Skype or SailingEurope Charter LiveChat.



2 weeks charter: 5% of boat price

3 or more weeks charter: from 7,5% to 10% of the boat price

Early booking discount: 5% - 10%

Early booking discount is possible for all the vessels, if they are booked by December 31st (for the following year), and for some of the vessels this period is prolonged until the end of January or even February. We kindly recommend you to book a vessel in this period. The price is more acceptable and the offer of available boats is much richer, so it is more likely that you will find something that will suit your wishes and preferences.

Last minute discount: 5% - 10% Last minute discount is possible if you book a vessel a week or two before the beginning of the sailing trip. It is not likely you will find a vessel you want, but you might get lucky.

Additional costs



Final cleaning of the boat (paid in cash during the check-in procedure) is rarely included in the vessel price. In most cases it depends on the vessel size and the price range from 180 € to 300 € per boat.

Transit log (paid in cash during the check-in procedure) - in most cases, it is not included in the vessel price and it is paid separately. It includes the bed linen, crew list, check-in and check-out procedure, gas for cooking, port fees, etc.

Marine fuel - dependant on your motoring needs and weather, from 3 to 10 litres per hour (also depending on the size of the sailing boat). The vessel is taken over with the full tank and, therefore, it has to be returned with the full tank as well. We advise you to check where the nearest gas station is, when taking over the vessel, in order to fill the tank when returning to the base. Note that there is a gas station within almost every marina.

Refundable insurance deposit (paid either by cash or credit card upon your arrival) - covers possible boat, equipment and inventory damage. The amount of the caused damage is paid with the deposit money, while the higher amounts are covered by the insurance company. If the boat is returned undamaged, the deposit will be returned to you.

If you hire one of our skippers, they are responsible for all the damage caused while manoeuvring, anchoring or mooring the vessel. The amount of the deposit depends on the vessel size or type, and it ranges from 1500 € to 5000 €.

Mooring fees - for overnight stays in marinas. The price of a berth depends on the particular marina, size of the vessel and sailing period, and it ranges from cca 50 € to 300 € per day. These costs refer to all the marinas, except the base marina where your boat is berthed and where an annual mooring is paid for the vessel.

On Request


Skipper - 200 € - 220 € per day + food. Skipper's services are usually paid in cash, separately from the vessel costs, upon your arrival to the base.

Food and drink are not included in this price. You have to buy groceries on your own before boarding. Usually, there is a supermarket at your disposal near every marina and some charter agencies offer the possibility of food delivery on board at extra charge. You also have to provide the skipper with food, apart from the amount you pay him per day. 

When choosing a bareboat charter, the client skipper must be in possession of a valid certificate of competence in order to charter a boat. It is also a legal requirement for one member of the crew to be qualified for operation with the VHF station.

Hostess - from 180 – 200 € per day + food. Hostess' services include: cleaning, bedding, babysitting, grocery shopping, preparing breakfast or simpler meals, etc.

Cook - cca 200– 220 € per day + food.

Additional equipment

Outboard engine - from 80 – 120 € per week. Every vessel has a dinghy with paddles in its standard equipment. If you want to explore the coastal area with the dinghy, you can rent an outboard engine to be faster.

Sails - spinnaker, gennaker, blister, from 150 – 200 € per week (+ refundable deposit 300 €). These sails are not included in the standard equipment, but can be rented at extra charge, usually by more experienced sailors.

Safety net - cca 60 € - 80 €, depending on the size of the boat and charter agency. It is useful if you have children on board. The net is put along the sides of the boat at additional cost.


One way fee - from 500 – 900 €. Some agencies offer a possibility of starting your sailing cruise in one base and return the vessel to another base.

Transfer - If you are arriving e.g. by plane, we can organize transfer for your sailing group from the airport to the base and vice versa (taxi, mini bus, 8-seater mini van).

Parking lot - Usually charters charge for car parking according to their price lists or the parking lot price list, but for Sailing Europe Charter's guests, we provide free parking in Rogač

Extra fee for pets - cca 80 - 100 € per week, some charter agencies offer this possibility.

Participation in regattas - usually additional 20% on the boat price.

Entrance fees for national parks, if you decide to visit them.