Beginners' Course

Interested in sailing, but have never dared to sail by yourself? Use this chance and finally become a sailor!

Sailing a yacht is not as complicated as it may seem to you. The basics can be learned quickly. All you need is a lot of practice. Realize your dream of becoming a sailor and enroll in our one-week sailing school in Croatia, which will prepare you to take an exam and become a Day Skipper!

The Program

One week of education in our school consists of the introduction to seamanship, including both theoretical and practical education, which enables the student to independently manoeuvre a sailing yacht or to become a part of a sailing crew. The school is held by an experienced instructor on board a sailing yacht. Previous sailing knowledge of seamanship is not necessary. The course is taught on 3-, 4- or 5-cabin charter yachts, which are standard in the charter business. Our sailing school prepares its participants for real situations which await a nautical tourist in the Adriatic (and in the most of the Mediterranean). The school offers all the necessary knowledge and skills that enable the participant to independently rent a yacht in a charter company, safely manoeuvre the yacht and return it to its base in a perfect condition.

Duration: 1 week, from Saturday, 18:00 h to Saturday, 08:00 h Accommodation: a sailing yacht equipped for accomodating a number of people for several days. Departure base: Rogač, Šolta island, Split region.

Theoretical Part

  • Getting to know the yacht, its parts, systems and instruments
  • Obligatory and safety equipment and its use
  • Learning about the documents necessary to charter a yacht and to sail legally
  • Basic safety on board – fire protection, safety measures and first aid
  • Basics of navigation, using nautical charts and handbooks
  • Engine operations and maintenance
  • Meteorology in the Adriatic
  • Boating knots
  • Basics of sailing
  • Manoeuvres and procedures
  • Maritime affairs, Maritime Code, rules for avoiding collisions at sea
  • Naval radiotelephony and signalisation

Practical Part

  • Practical application of theoretical knowledge
  • Manoeuvres of sailing out
  • Docking astern
  • Docking alongside
  • Catching the buoy
  • Anchoring
  • Sailing
  • Trimming and reefing
  • Practising to manoeuvre a yacht, both with sails and powered by engine