SailingEurope Flotilla Daily Schedule

  1. Arrival to the base

    • the registration of the participants in the office of the base
    • participants are taken to their yacht and go through the check-in procedure with the SailingEurope team
    • getting to know the crew and the schedule of the week’s activities
    • Q&A
    • a welcome party


  2. Morning briefing

    • the lead skipper holds a meeting with all the skippers in the flotilla
    • at the first briefing, the lead skipper determines the working channel, explains the communication via VHF, and gives instructions regarding safety on board
    • at all other meetings, the lead skipper reads out and interprets the weather forecast, gives instructions, remarks and advice regarding the daily route, suggests safe anchorages for a break, determines the destination for the evening, as well as how much time the participants have for reaching it
    • Q&A
  3. Yacht provisions

    • purchasing food and drinks, as well as other supplies necessary for sailing
  4. Departure

    • the lead crew assists the participants during the departure

  5. Swimming and lunch break

    • the lead skipper suggests save anchorages for a swimming and lunch break
    • assisting in anchoring if the entire flotilla takes the break at the same spot
  6. Reaching the destination

    • the crew awaits the participants of the fleet at the destination and assists them with mooring or anchoring
    • the host/hostess collects the boat documents of the participants and takes care of the administration
    • a welcome drink and socialising
    • going to dinner and/or sightseeing of local attractions (if agreed on earlier)
    • free time
  7. Optional activities

    • organized sightseeing of local attractions with a professional guide
    • organized dinner
    • organized wine tasting tour
    • the lead crew gives tips about places/events/interesting facts about the destinations
  8. Final regatta

    • it is usual that, at the end of the week, a little bit of competitive spirit is added to the flotilla sailing. After the participants have got to know their yachts well, it is time they showed all of their knowledge and skills by competing with other participants. If you feel like it, you can join us.
    • depending on the technical possibilities of the yachts, the skills of the teams and weather conditions, the crew will determine the start and finish lines, as well as the race course
    • after reaching the finish line (the base), the winner will be announced and the awards presented
  9. Final evening

    • a party for all the participants of the flotilla
    • each team prepares one specialty and adds it to the buffet table
    • the participants hang out together, have fun, tell stories from the trip and exchange contacts
  10. Check-out

    • the check-out procedure with the team from the base
    • final administration
    • leaving the yacht at a designated time (according to the charter contract)

Contact Center

My name is Irina Matosevic and I am a member of SailingEurope Contact Team. I will be happy to help organize Your sailing holidays.

Irina Matosevic