Sailing Tips: Sight & Sounds

Sight & Sounds

Colors are the first elements to be noticed. In summer prevail four colors – blue, green, yellow and white.

Blue is the symbol of peace and harmony that provides tranquility. It is a color of the sky and sea.

Green is the color of nature. It represents life, abundance and wealth. These are also the characteristics of the evergreen forests on the coasts and the islands.

Yellow is the color of the sun. It incites unburdened happiness, heats and gives strength.

White is pure and has the effect of enhancing the other colors. It easily allows the tones of its surroundings to be reflected on it. White is the color of the stone and rock on the coastline and islands, cities and fishermen's villages, the seagulls and the foam of the waves.

When sailing, everything we see is complemented by the dominating scents of sea and salt. The air is also given a distinctive freshness thanks to the bushes of rosemary, spring flowers of lemons and oranges, pine forests and resin.

Rosemary embellishes the expanses of the Adriatic Sea and the islands. It is a symbol of love and a famous essential ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine. Another inhabitant of the Adriatic lands is basil, with a pleasant and strong aroma.

The small gardens which surround Istria and Dalmatia exude with discreet scent of grapes and figs. Especially pleasant is the scent of lavender from the sunniest Croatian island – Hvar. The winds circulate the enchanting scent around the narrow streets of coastal towns and villages and certain older locals can recognize by the scent from which islands the fresh wind is blowing.

The ports of the cities will offer you a welcoming smile and the color of the uproar of the town markets will offer you a wealth of different objects and souvenirs.


Croatia and Greece are the most popular sailing destinations in the world. After you explore the sights and sounds of the Adriatic Sea we suggest to move to the Greek seas. Sail in the Ionian sea or charter a yacht to sail the Aegean Sea. Or you can just cross the Adriatic and select a boat for cruising in Italy.

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